Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Beach...Take Two!

First and foremost, I need to start this post by thanking these guys:

You really made our trip to MB much easier since Kade seems to enjoy your silly singing and dancing. Much to my displeasure, I have found myself also singing your stupid songs. "Wiggle-it party, wiggle-it party, wiggle-it party, snap, snap, snap; clap, clap, clap; wiggle your hips just like that." Now don't all rush out at once to buy it, but it did really make our drive much easier...

Now on to more important stuff. It's what you all really continue to come to this blog for anyway:

This was just an idea I had on the beach, but isn't it just the cutest!?!

I think this is my favorite. He is so handsome here--ladies, watch out!

I am the luckiest mommy alive, because I get to wake up to these beautiful eyes every single day!

And I am gonna throw this one in for good measure. Alex will be here on Wednesday! And we are all soooooooo excited! We've missed you so much!

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I began blogging several years ago in search of new friends who, like me, were having a difficult time getting pregnant. Five years, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed IUI's, and a doctor who told us "It will never happen" later, we are the proud parents of Kade and Kohen. They are each an example of God's absolute perfection. We thank God where medical intervention stops, Divine intervention begins.