Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tell me Thursday: Thankful Thursday

This has been a week for bullet points:

  • I just finished reading By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters. I posted a review on my other blog here. If you like to read, check it out. It was really good, but more importantly, it was "real." It's a young adult literature novel, and let me just interject, oh my, how books have changed since I was a kid. I read YAL novels because I am going to school to become a middle grades teacher, and I want to be knowledgeable about what books my students will be reading and which books I can recommend.
  • I have a mid-term tonight at school which I am in no way, shape, or form ready for. I have been the epiphany of the procrastinator student this semester. I'd really appreciate your prayers for me to do my best, and that will be good enough for me.
  • Still having some family drama. We are currently getting the silent treatment from members of our family. I wish I could say I don't care, but if I'm honest, I care a lot. Maybe too much. Time heals all wounds right?
  • New Life Lesson Learned: If I would have know then, what I know now I probably wouldn't have "opened the can of worms" with said Family. Nothing has changed. Nothing good has been gained. Although everything we said (both parties) were true, I don't know now that it was worth it.
  • My Sweet Kade has pee-peed in the potty 4 times today! My mom is the best! She keeps my boys during the day, and she works so hard with them. I'm so glad they are in her care and are smothered with hugs and kisses all day long.
  • My Sweet Kade won't sleep in his big boy bed. He wants to snuggle with Mommy, which I am loving a little too much. Daddy, not so much. I think he is scared of the dark :(
  • My Sweet Kohen is teething! I anticipate he will have one come through soon.
  • My Sweet Kohen also had his 4 month well visit this week. He had to get shots. I've never quite seen the shade of red his face turned before. He was so friendly and flirting with his nurses before the shots. I'm pretty sure he broke up with her after that.
  • My husband is the best. Have I told you that lately? He is. I use to want to win the lottery. But now, I look around at my husband, our boys, and the life that we share, and I realize I already have.

What are you thankful for? Tell me...It's one of the last days to enter to win a $25 visa giftcard. Go to this post to enter now! By the way, I filled up completely my car with gas this week, and it cost $62.25! Ouch!


Thomas and Kara said...

Oh the boys are growing up so fast! Pee-pee in the potty from one and teeth from the other. Congrats. Just think the diaper money that you'll be saving from Kade can go to gas money!!!

(Sidenote: I have no idea which blog to post on!!! So I pick the first one that pops into my feed.)

Elaine said...

That's fine Kara! I use the Killian Corner mainly for family because the website is easier to remember. I hope to eventually move all of my posting here anyway :)

Thomas and Kara said...

Hahaha! Got it. By the way... I shot you an e-mail, to the address listed on your profile.

Anonymous said...

A Wonderful Husband
Two Beautiful Daughters
4 Heaven sent and one on the way grandkids
Two Wonderful Son-in-laws
Gods been so good and give me so many Blessing.

I began blogging several years ago in search of new friends who, like me, were having a difficult time getting pregnant. Five years, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed IUI's, and a doctor who told us "It will never happen" later, we are the proud parents of Kade and Kohen. They are each an example of God's absolute perfection. We thank God where medical intervention stops, Divine intervention begins.