Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day One, Week One: Check!

I did it.  I survived Day 1, Week 1 of the Couch to 5k.  It was questionable at one point, but I did it!

I received a reality check today.  You know when I was talking about, "Well, week one is only walking five minutes followed by alternating jogging for 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds."  Yeah, well...that WAS HARD...much harder than I anticipated. 

Thank goodness my sweet coach was so patient with me.  She encouraged me the entire time.  During our routine, I was pretty sure that I was calling off our friendship, but I still love you Deidre so much!  Now that I can breathe, I can honestly say "It felt great!"

Tomorrow is a day of rest (Hallelujah!).  My legs still feel like spaghetti...but I'm trying to fight off the fears of giving up by telling myself I survived Day 1.  That's already better than yesterday and most definitely better than "the person on the couch!"  (Thanks Emma!) 

Kyle ran it too.  We had to take turns since we had both boys with us.  I ran while he waited in the car with the boys--they were too busy watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  After my run was over, Kyle ran with Deidre and her husband.  He did amazing!  And just hearing Kyle say he was proud of me, made the exhaustion worth it! 

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)


Samantha said...

Way to go!!! I did the couch to 5K program last year. There is a cool app on the iphone that it will tell you when to start and stop. I ran with my daughter in a 5k with the "Girls on the Run" program at her school. I felt the best ever when I was running. I need to start back! Keep it up!!

Piper said...

I am so proud of you.... I really would like to do this...but I am way to scared....skeert is more like it!

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