Monday, June 25, 2012

Joining the ranks of other Moms...

Yall will never guess what I did?!?  I surmised to THAT know, the superbly-organized-fun-full-of-summer-activities sort of mom?!  I made a bucket list.  Yep, I sure did.  Here are some of the fun things we are going to tackle this summer. We started yesterday...

  • Visit Martha's Park in Morganton, NC
Kade and Josef
My Sweet Boys


Martha's Park was so much fun that I had to add it to our list again.  Best part, it's totally free and there is also a huge playground in addition to the splash park.  I also like that there are park benches and grassy areas where you can relax while you watch your kids have the time of their lives!  So, so much fun!

As we complete activities, I'll add them here =)  Stay tuned for a super, cool summer with the Killians!

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I began blogging several years ago in search of new friends who, like me, were having a difficult time getting pregnant. Five years, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed IUI's, and a doctor who told us "It will never happen" later, we are the proud parents of Kade and Kohen. They are each an example of God's absolute perfection. We thank God where medical intervention stops, Divine intervention begins.