Saturday, January 28, 2012

Believing God

Beth Moore, Believing God, Aqua Blue Seed Bead and Crystal Bracelet-Made to Order

Last week was an important milestone!  It marked the beginning of our new women's study, "Believing God" by Beth Moore.  While at the first session, we were asked to tie a blue ribbon around our right wrist.  Each time we were to look at this ribbon, we were to be reminded to ask ourselves, "Are we believing God?" 

When I came home, I googled "beth moore believing God bracelet" and I came across this photo on an Etsy shop.  I'll be honest: I'm an Etsy newbie.  I've heard about it, but I've never purchased anything from it.  Until this bracelet caught my eye.

I loved it.  Except for it's Tarheel blue color.

Enter Nicki, the owner and operator of MarcheseCreations.  She is SO fabulous to work with.  I sent her a message asking if this bracelet was still available--I was willing to buy it with its beading.  Then, I asked if it would be possible to get the same bracelet with DUKE blue beads instead...  (I know the one's of you who are rolling your eyes about now, just so you know.) 

She not only custom made me a bracelet, she sent me pictures the same day to get my feedback.  So, I was estactic when this arrived today:

And, Ms. Nicki was so sweet, she even included me some spiritual candy in my package!

Each piece had a bible verse on it! I loved that she was thoughtful enough to include it with my order--which was already packed so cute in it's little bitty box, with a bow. See that little tag? It says "Thank you!" I really felt my purchase mattered to Nicki. It's probably a reason I'll be shopping with her again! SOON!

This was my favorite piece of candy. It feels so appropriate during this study. I am going to use it to remind myself of my commitment to put everything in me into the workbook. I want to get "well". I can with Christ's strength. I can do all things through Him.

And this little beauty right here, will be around my right wrist for the next 10 weeks reminding me to believe in God.  To believe He is who He says He is, believe that He will Do what He says He can do, believe that I am who He says I am, Believe that I can do all things through Christ, and to believe that if I read His word, it will become alive and active in me. 

I believe God will help me in my areas of insecurity and fear.  I believe that He will heal me.  And, this bracelet is my new reminder that He will, when I can't.

And just because Nicki is such a sweetheart, she included these free earrings for me.  Thank you Nicki soooo much!  I loved doing business with you and couldn't be a happier customer. 

So, what are you waiting for friends?  If you are in bible study go give Nicki some of your business and order a bracelet for our study.  Even if you aren't in the bible study, she has all sorts of cute, fun jewelry items to complement your attire and mood.  She is so fun and easy to work with.  You'll love that she goes above and beyond to see that you are completely thrilled with your purchase.

Are you believing God?  What are you believing He can do for you?  I was so pleased with my service from Nicki that I decided if you leave me a comment below, I'll enter you to win a bracelet like mine. (It's a $15 value)  (I'll even swallow my pride and let you pick the Tarheel Aqua beads if you win.) 

You have one week to enter!  Ready? Set. Go!



Lynn said...

I want one!!!!!

Kim said...

I would love to win. But if not I will order one of my own. Thanks Elaine


Jen&Carter said...

That is awesome. I will have to check out that book Elaine, I am having some insecurities and doubts right now in my life, it is so hard to just hand it over to the Lord, I am working on that. Thanks. I would love to have a chance at that bracelet too.

Piper said...

I would love to win... of course I rolled my eyes, lol!! And would prefer Carolina Blue!!!!

Praying that you will GET WELL!!! Don't you just love that?? Missed seeing you last night.

Love ya!

Becky Biddy said...

It is so pretty!! I would like to win!!

Anonymous said...

I want to win! Leigh-ann

I began blogging several years ago in search of new friends who, like me, were having a difficult time getting pregnant. Five years, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed IUI's, and a doctor who told us "It will never happen" later, we are the proud parents of Kade and Kohen. They are each an example of God's absolute perfection. We thank God where medical intervention stops, Divine intervention begins.