Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doctor Appointment

Today, I had my doctor appointment for a re-check on my anxiety, insomnia, and this mild pain in my chest.  My doctor ran an EKG on me due to the history of heart conditions in my family.  The EKG was clear!  Thank you Lord.  So, due to my shortness of breath, she listened to my lungs and decided to do a chest X-ray.  Turns out I have asthma.  Most (or I will at least say part) of the reason I have felt so crummy is due to my inability to breathe! 

So, I am relieved to know that I have an inhaler in hand to use when I feel like I need to sit down after climbing the stairs in our house.  The weather, of course makes it worse.  It's all making sense to me now since sometimes I start coughing and can't stop.  Asthma.  You know what's also causing that tightness I've been feeling in my chest?  (And we all say together...) "Asthma. 

It seems that mine has been triggered by pets, stress, my common cold, cold weather, and aging.  (Boo! on that last one!  Aging! Hmph!)  Add all of those triggers compounded  by a history of a collapsed lung and you have me. 

If the inhaler doesn't start to make me feel better soon, we'll move on to breathing treatments.  I'll be making an appointment with an asthma specialist to get her opinion also.  I did try the inhaler last night when I felt short of breath, and honestly, I didn't notice any major difference.  I'll give it a while and we'll see what happens.

So, thank you for your prayers. I'll breathe a little easier now that I know it's not heart related.


Samantha said...

So glad to hear! Praying you start feeling better!

Becky Biddy said...

Glad you finally found out what it was. Hope the inhaler helps. Found out yesterday my nearly 4 year old nephew has asthma. His was so bad he is on Prednisone for a week and nebulizer treatments 4 times a day for a week. Will be praying for you!!

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