Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things We Love Thursday

I am participating in the "Things I Love Thursday" carnival over at Diaper Diaries. Go check her out and play along. She is also hosting a great giveaway from Daysprings. A $50 gift card to be used on anything in their store! So, go enter now for your chance to win something really great! They have so many great things! I could totally deck my entire house out if my pockets were deeper!

Anway, Things I love Thursday...

Recently, we celebrated Kade's 2nd birthday. Lately he has taken up an interest in trains (Thank You Mickey Mouse and your Choo Choo Express), so we decided to get him this:

We just purchased the Thomas the Train powerwheel! Kyle and I thought this would be the perfect gift! We were right!

The train is small, so Kade is able to get on/off of it easily. The product description said it only moves at a rate of 2 mph, which is the prefect pace for a smaller child. It was really easy (and quick!!) to assemble. In fact, applying the stickers took the most time. If this item interest you in your future gift giving, we recommend charging it before it's actually given as a gift. It will require 18 hrs to charge. With this said, Kade has had it for over 2 weeks and we haven't had to charge it again. It has been used every day as he rides it around our house for approximately 30 minutes every day. Did I mention its small enough to be used in doors? Awesome for the weather we've been having in NC!

Our only notable complaint is that the wheels are really slick. It has been difficult for the wheels to get traction on our wooden floors. At times, Kade will require a small push when moving from room to room to get over where the floors meet. It seems to work really well on our rugs, so we are excited to see how well it will work outside once the weather gets warmer--like today! We are going to be 70 degrees! I'm stoked! Contrary to one reviewer, our floors have not been damaged at all by the wheels, but its good to be wary if you have wood floors.

Overall impressions are that it was a great deal for the price. Extremely affordable compared to other powerwheels. Kade loves it, and he plays with it daily--and he isn't even a Thomas the Train fanatic. We think it’s a great first starter powerwheel for small children. It is extremely user friendly.

So, there you have it! Things we love...things to keep our kids entertained at an affordable price!

Go here to read more reviews or buy your own Thomas the Train powerwheel!

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