Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 27

I am thankful for my church. The moment you walk into the doors, you can feel the presence of God. I am thankful that my pastors speak truth. I am thankful that my church's alter is always open. I am thankful for the members. I am thankful for their encouragement. I am thankful Kyle and I have chosen Winkler's Grove to attend. I am so thankful for this house of worship, a place where the Spirit of God leads and its members follow.

I am thankful that the following passage tells where, why, how, and who should praise the Lord.


"Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise Him in the firmament of his power."


"Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to His excellent greatness."


"Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and harp. Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise Him with stringed instruments and organs. Praise Him upon the loud cymbals: praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals.


"Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

Psalm 150: 1-6

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I began blogging several years ago in search of new friends who, like me, were having a difficult time getting pregnant. Five years, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed IUI's, and a doctor who told us "It will never happen" later, we are the proud parents of Kade and Kohen. They are each an example of God's absolute perfection. We thank God where medical intervention stops, Divine intervention begins.