Saturday, November 19, 2011

RFW: The Affirmation Crusade with Resolution

Resolution for Women: The Affirmation Crusade
Well, hello there! Long time no post on the Resolution for Women! Life has been...very life-ish as of lately. So, I was so glad that today's reading wanted me to
Take time to look back over your notes from this section.

Consider what will be required for you to live authentically, as well as the freedom you will experience when you do.

Required of me: Stop letting the media tell me who I need to be. Let God tell me who I need to be. I also need to stop letting friendships be strongholds over me, which may mean letting some people in my life go. It's sad, yes, but I have been called as a Christian to be set apart from the world. A good first step in being set apart is to examine the social circle you mingle with. It's also important for me to start wrapping my head around the fact that I am one of God's chosen possessions. Of all the things he made, He chose me when even I wouldn't have chosen me. It's time to start living a life which makes Him proud of me--putting into action all that I have been taught, becoming more like Him, being a good and faithful servant.

Freedom I will experience: I'll stop putting so much pressure on myself to live up to earthly standards. I will be able to appreciate my own God-given talents without being envious of other's. I am the only me the world has or needs. When I don't embrace myself, I could potentially be interferring with God's plan for my life and/or the lives of whom I will become in contact. I will also stop allowing the enemy to tell me that I am inadequate or ill equipped to witness to others. I don't need all the tools! God is my Carpenter and He will give me the tools I need to do His work.

Additionally, think of some other women who, for whatever reason, you are hesitant to compliment. Make a point to commend them for their unique value and worth to you this week.

Will do!

So by signing my name

I will accept and celebrate my uniqueness, and will esteem

and encourage the distinctions I admire in others.

This is a resolution I make of myself to my family and my Lord.

Elaine M Killian

November 19, 2011

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