Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RFW: Faith vs. Faithfulness

Resolution for Women: Faith vs. Faithfulness

"By resolving to be faithfully His, you are deciding to allow everything you believe about God and His Word to consistently guide your feet, your hands, your mind, and your heart--despite anything and everything that may point to the contrary." (page 77)

In your own words describe the difference between having faith and being faithful.

Faith, in my opinion, is a set of beliefs that we deem valuable in our lives. Most of the time, one's faith is personal. Its oftentimes appearance deep, if that makes sense to anyone? People may know I am a person of faith if I tell them so. Faithfulness, is putting into action the same belief system, even when circumstances are less than desirable. It may be uncomfortable, but I am faithful if I am consistently living out the faith I am professing to possess.

Just as Priscilla Shirer says,
"It's more than just having a firm persuasion; it's moving that firm persuasion into forward motion. Having a strong set of beliefs is one thing. But standing up tall on them, making decisions according to them, and adjusting your life to line up with them--that's quite another." (page 76)

I couldn't have said it in my own words, any better than that!

Would you describe yourself as a faithful person? If so, in what areas of your life?

At times, I would describe myself as faithful. I am faithful in my work attendance. I am faithful to my husband. I am faithful to my friends and family (meaning I stand by them). I am a faithful prayer warrior for those I feel burdened for. I am faithful in paying my bills on time. More notably, I can add that I now faithfully attend church services.

I also faithfully complain. I faithfully hold on to that last string of pride. I faithfully spend time on F@cebook that I should be spending elsewhere. So, this section showed me that there are areas where my faithfulness needs to grow. I need to work on turning "faith" into "faithfulness" while spending time studying God's word, relying on God to provide for my needs, and pursuing Him in good and hard times.

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