Thursday, November 17, 2011

DaySpring Review :Ever Grateful Table Runner with Giveaway

My friends at Dayspring sent me this fabulous Ever Grateful Table Runner to review. When I opened it up, I remember thinking to myself that I really didn’t have any table d├ęcor to set it off as it was entitled. Unlike the photo on the website, I’m not a very crafty or decorative person, although I wish at times—especially during the holidays—that I was a little more M@rtha Stewert.

So, I began to think of where I could place this elegant table runner where it could be fully appreciated. I wanted to encourage anyone who looked at it to “Let there be thankfulness to God” as the embroidery reads.

Many of you know that last week I found out that my employer is outsourcing my departments work to another company. “Let there be thankfulness to God” that we were offered other positions within our company despite the fact that many of us will be separated. “Let there be thankfulness to God” that we’ve made life long friendships by praying for and encouraging one another. “Let there be thankfulness to God” that being confined into one work department does not define the value we have found in each other. And, “Let there be thankfulness to God” for new beginnings in our Father’s plan for our lives.

So, this is where I found God leading me to use my decorative table runner…at work, draped across two of our filing cabinets. Honestly, I don’t think I could have found a more perfect place to use it during this season of uncertainty.

We made a Thankfulness Tree, an idea my friend Deidre found on pintrest. We found a reason to celebrate each other and this new season in our lives. Every day a few more things have been added to remind us to “Let there be thankfulness to God” for all things, good or bad. Here a few of my favorites:

So, if you are like me and don't have delicate china to decorate your table this Thanksgiving, it isn't necessary. You can use this table runner for other ways to encourage the people in your life. If haven’t already done so, please visit Dayspring and find something that you can use to encourage someone else. They have the neatest items, from seasonal gifts to books to cards. They have quickly become one of my most favorite retailers.

So, I'm offering up a reader a chance to win $20 in Dayspring merchandise. If you would like to enter please leave me a comment below stating which item(s) from Dayspring you would use to encourage someone in your life and why? So all of you lurkers come out from hiding! =) You have one week to enter. I will draw a winner next Friday, Nov 25. Pieces of paper. Big Bowl. Little hand.

Disclaimer: I was provided the Ever Grateful Decorative Table Runner by Daysprings without having to pay for it. However, all opinions expressed here are my own!


Lynn said...

I use Dayspring items all the time!!! Especially the cards to encouage people without a reason. . .those are the best ways to be encouraged--when you least expect it, and for no reason at all!!

Deidre said...

I LOVE Dayspring. For years, I have wanted the 3 Nativity Candle holders. So cute!

I love your tree!

Joannah said...

How nice to work with people with whom you can share your spirituality! :)

Kim said...

I love that you used this at work. As for your tree I also started one for our family. Never did this before and am finding it to be a great blessing. If you pick my name. I will let you pick something with a Thanksgiving theme. After the Thankful breakfast. I am living intentional about being thankful.

Love you,

rita said...

Love that you did the thankful tree at work!
It is such a great witnessing tool!


Julie said...

I like the pictured frames at Dayspring-they have something lovely incribed on them

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