Monday, November 21, 2011

RFW: Divine Appointments

Resolution for Women: Divine Appointments

(For those of you wondering what Resolution for Women is, it's the women's bible study fresh off the hills of the movie Courageous. You can read more about and watch the trailer for the movie here. You can learn more about The Resolution for Women or buy your own copy here.)

I'm starting a new unit today called Faithfully His. It's a resolution to be devoted to Christ and defined by His word.

One of my favorite quotes from this reading was

"He deserves our resolve to faithfully and consistently live up to the value we've been given, to portray outwardly to the world the inherent worth we possess inwardly by God's sacrificial yet freely given grace. We ought never to be lost among the shuffle of worldliness...driven by lowly pursuits and interests, becoming so similar in appearance to everyone else that we can't be singled out in the crowd. Rather, our goal should be to take responsibility for our actions, lining them up singularly with our God and His word, diving deep into the divine purposes for which we have been placed on earth." (page 69)

To illustrate this type of faithfulness, an unexpected example arose in Hebrews 3:1-2. "Moses was faithful in all God's house."

Here's a little snippet of Moses' life: prince of Egypt, murdered one of the countrymen, tended sheep, God spoke to him from a burning bush, led Israel out of bondage, gave excuse after excuse after excuse of why he couldn't fulfill his role, and his disobedience cost him entrance into Canaan.

"Can you relate to that?...So many blunders and mistakes stand out. So many lapses in judgement....How could you ever live up to this standard of being distinctly devoted, utterly separate, a person faithful in 'all of God's house.'" (page 71)

How is Moses' example encouraging and inspiring to you?
Moses' example is encouraging to me because it makes me realize that I don't have to be perfect for the Lord to call me to do His work. I only need to be purposeful--resolving to live at a higher standard allowing others to see God in me. Although it is easy for me to judge Moses' and all the things he did wrong, he heeded to the calling he was given and only stopped when God told him he must.

How will you be required to go against rationale or cultural pressure to stay committed to what heaven is calling you to do in this season of your life?
Contrary to what may not be popular opinion, the best way to stay committed to what heaven is calling me to do is to align my actions with God and His word. When I mess up, I am to seek His forgiveness and pursue His will persistently. I am to embrace the heavenly calling He has given me as a privilege and with a purpose.

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